About this professional

Linden Thorp M.A.

” The power of words must never be underestimated. My sacred mission is to touch people using them skillfully, moving all beings from the darkness into the light.”

..is a published writer of prose, poetry and content. She is also an experienced academic researcher and teacher of Academic English through content at University Level AND a qualified and fully experienced editor and proof-reader working with diverse materials.

As a Linguistics specialist, she has been immersed in many different fields of English for Special Purposes such as:

  • Business (MBA, marketing)
  • Technology (computer, engineering, medical, dental, etc)
  • Medical (pharmacy, physiology, anatomy, hospital, nursing, etc)
  • Scientific
  • Policy and Social Science
  • the Humanities and Law
  • Special Needs (visually impaired, autism, music therapy, etc)

As an experienced and qualified Writing teacher, she has taught many aspects, such as:

  • academic (up to and including PhD, Adv.Research, etc.)
  • business (reports, brochures, manuals, product/services promotions, etc.)
  • general
  • creative (inspiring, unblocking creative block, mind-mapping, etc)

As an experienced Content Writer, she has:

  • produced regular articles for her own 4 web sites (see http://lindenthorp.com)
  • written articles for other websites, such as: Ancient History Encyclopedia, Meditation Magazine, etc.
  • written 4 novels, 6 short stories, many poems, 2 non-fiction works and a text book (see Writing Samples)
  • University Codes of Best Practice, Courses/course materials,   etc.

As a qualified and experienced Editor and Proof-reader, she has

  • edited undergrad/grad essays
  • PhD theses
  • Research Papers
  • Research Reports
  • CVs and letters of job/academic course application, references, testimonials, etc

” Words are abstract symbols which can have a million different interpretations unlike the visual arts, music and dance which are concrete. A writer’s challenge is to make every word count for as many people in the world as set eyes on his/her output.

I will never give up trying to make this possible! “

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